Friday, August 23, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Liebe Leser,

nicht nur den Film habe ich gesehen, auch den Roman von F. Scott Fitzgerald habe ich nun gelesen. Ich las ihn im Original und er gefiel mir außerordentlich gut. Während des Lesens hatte ich einen Bleistift dabei, um mir Lieblingsstellen anzustreichen. Die teile ich jetzt mit euch. Vielleicht bekommt ihr ja danach auch Lust das Buch zu lesen:

"Conduct may be founded on the hard rock or the wet marshes, but after a certain point I don't care what it's founded on."

"It was the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down, as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again."

"I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."

"The wind had blown off, leaving a loud, bright night, with wings beating in the trees and a persistant organ sound as the full bellows of the earth blew the frogs full of life."

"I wanted to get out and walk eastward towards the park through the soft twilight, but each time I tried to go I became entangled in some wild, strident argument which pulled me back, as if with ropes, into my chair."

"He smiled understandingly - much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life."

"And I like large parties. They are so intimite. At small parties there isn't any privacy."

"The officer looked at Daisy while she was speaking, in a way that every young girl wants to be looked at some time, and because it seemed romantic to me I have remembered the incident ever since."

"But there was a change in Gatsby that was simply confounding. He literally glowed; without a word or a gesture of exultation a new well-being radiated from him and filled the little room."

" 'Look at that', she whispered, and then after a  moment: 'I'd like to just get one of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around.' "

" 'I wouldn't ask too much of her,' I ventured. 'You can't repeat the past.'
'Can't repeat the past?' he cried incredulously. 'Why of course you can!'
He looked around him wildly as if the past were lurking here in the shadow of his house, just out of reach of his hand."

 "There's no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind."

" I disliked him so much by this time that I didn't find it necessary to tell him he was wrong."

"He was clutching at some last hope and I couldn't bear to shake him free."

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